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Understanding the difference between consumer grade and proffessional grade equipment

by John Baker on 08/05/11

It is important for proffessional to understand that there is a huge difference between proffessional grad gear and consumer grade gear, so you know and understand what it is you are buying. The devil is always in the details and it's important for you to look at the specifications of each piece of gear and make sure it meets the needs of the job you are doing. Here are some tips to better understand what the differences are.

A    Consumer grade equipment is manufactured for consumers who have a one time or limited use for a certain piece of investigative gear or for home use. Higher grade proffessional or law enforcement gear is designed for extended, rugged use.

B     Proffessional grade equipment is built for extended heavy repeated use. It tends to be more rugged and malfunction less with an extended life span.

C    Consumer grade equipment is designed in a manner to keep cost down as much as possible and is generally not designed for extended heavy use. Consumer grade gear does not tend to have the life expectency as does proffessional law enforcement gear.

D    There is often a huge gap between the specifications of proffessional and consumer grade equipment. It's important to pay attention to the details and differences; such as resolution, lux ratings, battery consumption, and optional features.

Basically you get what you pay for, a long lasting dependable piece of equipment is going to cost you more intially but worth it in the long run if you maintain your equipment and use it as designed.

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